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      biohazard cleaning

      Specialist Biohazard Cleaning

      The Biohazard Specialists.
      Biohazard Cleaning

      The dangers of leaving biohazardous substances unattended should not be underestimated. The potential for infection to spread rapidly across an affected area is huge, and without the support and services of a professional environmental cleaning team such as ours here at JG Environmental, you put people and workers at risk from contracting unwanted illnesses.

      Acting fast and in a comprehensive manner is crucial, and that’s exactly what we can offer. Any biohazard – from bodily fluids to animal faeces – is primed for carrying dangerous viruses; from renowned dangers such as HIV and hepatitis to lesser-known unpleasantries such as weil’s disease, you need to act fast in order to contain and then eradicate the bacteria.

      Without doing so, these biohazardous fluids are left free to seep into porous materials – something that makes the level of danger dramatically worse and the level of clean up needed increase considerably.

      At JG Environmental, our professional biohazard cleaning services cover:

      • Bird Excrement removal
      • Trauma Cleans
      • Needles, sharps and drug cleans
      • Blood and bodily fluid cleaning
      • Biohazard cleaning
      • Sharps removal
      • Pest Control associated with trauma scenes

      Discreet and Diligent Service

      Carrying out a deep clean to the affected area and its surroundings is all part and parcel of our professional service. Our specialist team will work meticulously through the site to ensure that even the most hard-to-reach areas are restored to their normal standard, and possess the knowledge needed to assess whether certain items may or may not be salvageable after being exposed to the fluids, faeces or similarly hazardous substances.

      Our services are customised to each job we take on, and our versatility across the diverse range of biohazard-related clean-ups we encounter each year has cemented our positional as the most reputable companies in East Yorkshire and nearby areas. Our policy of rapid response means that the site will be restored as quickly as possible – without sacrificing quality in order to do so.

      If you’re in need of professional biohazard cleaning services, contact our team immediately and we’ll have an expert team with you as soon as possible.

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